Matt Gold Plated Pakistan Coin 2

Matt Gold Plated Pakistan Coin With soft enamel Sand back with raised text
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Matt Gold Plated Pakistan Coin

coin 1968_副本.jpg

                        Coin front

Out circle with raised text,centre with 3D leaf and moon,eagle,sword and anchor.three colors soft enamels.

coin 1987_副本.jpg

Coin back

         Sand back with raised text in matt gold color: With Compliments from Commandant & All Officers.

Coin discription:

Material:Zinc alloy
Plated:Matt gold
Process:Soft enamel
Design:3D design front,2D back

Except matt gold plated,this coin also can be plated in black nickel color,below are photos for you reference.


Black nickel coin 1


Black nickel coin 2

Matt coin