US Seventh Fleet 3D Challenge Coin

US Seventh Fleet 3D challenge coin,made by brass material and be produced by leading U.S challenge coin maker in China ( Awards Gift CO.,LTD) in good quality


US Seventh Fleet 3D challenge coin
US Seventh Fleet 3D challenge coin (1).jpg

3D challenge coin ( center eagle and star in 3D)

7 AND Star in matt silver plated,rest coin in shiny gold plating

Bothsides with same designs,all filled in blue soft enamels

This is challenge coins for United States Seventh Fleet Commander

Price range$0.5-$0.8
OEM designWelcomed
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What is U.S Challenge Coins

U.S. Challenge Coin The US military challenge coin,It is definitely a good thing to improve, and the price is not expensive.

About the Challenge Coin, the Challenge coin is a metal coin or medallion with the organization's logo and slogan, held by members of the organization. Tradition is to identify enemies and boost morale when organizations encounter challenges. In addition, the military also likes to collect this. In practice, the challenge currency is usually awarded by the unit commander to the unit member who made the achievement. At the same time, mutual visits between units will be given to each other.

The challenge currency is not a currency, and most of the cost can't be too expensive for manufacturing and giving away. This will not violate the federal government’s anti-bribery rules for a single gift souvenir for a single period of no more than $20.

Around 2010, the typical challenge currency made in Asia costs $2.5-7. But there are also hand-carved versions of $50-300. In order to improve competitiveness, most North American challenge coin producers have adopted offshore production models, that is, outsourcing to cheaper regions, and China has more and more challenge coins.Such as Awards Gift CO.,LTD a leading manufacturer which focus on produce challenge coins start from 2011.

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