Die Casting Antique Bronze Coin

Die Casting Antique Bronze Coin Zinc alloy material 3D design bothsides


Die Casting Antique Bronze Coin

Coin description:

Material:Zinc alloy
Coin no:AWS-C-50
Plated:Antique bronze
Process:Die casting
Design:3D bothsides
Packing:Gift box for coin

Silver plated military coin collection
coin 1912_副本.jpg

Coin front

Front of coin no text with 3D horse in the middle,all recessed area in sand blasting

coin 1913_副本.jpg

Coin back

Back of coin with many details include 3D raised feature and raised text.

1) Customized design accept ?Yes
3) Size range ?Customized 
4) Logo processing ?2D / 3D ...


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