Factory Design Divot Tool With Clip

Factory Design Divot Tool With Clip with various color finishing options such as: shiny gold,shiny silver,antique gold,antique silver, antique copper.Factory mould no sample cost,welcome to order: info@awardsgift.com


Factory Design Divot Tool With Clip

Divot tool with clip

Factory design divot tool with clip

Mold: AWS-DT-19

Suitable for 25mm diameter ball markers

Laser logo request can be matching

Color: gold,silver,copper,antique gold,antique silver,antique brass,antique copper...

More color options
antique copper divot tool

Gold divot tool

Antique bronze divot repair tool

Divot tool and ball marker



How to produce ?

production workshop-Awardsgift

FAQ ( mass production part )

FAQ-awardsgift 2

Contact us

customer visiting and exhibition-Awardsgift

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