1981-2019 List of London Marathon Medals

The London Marathon, originally scheduled for April 26, 2020, was forced to be postponed until October or cancelled, which saddened all runners who loved the city of London. The track departs from Blackheath Greenwich Park in southwest London, passes the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace, and reaches the end point near St. Jones Park. Along the way, you can admire many famous historical places in London.

Are we looking forward to the 2020 London Marathon Medal, really missed the public?

That is really a pity!

The London Marathon has been held for 39 years. The design of finisher medal has changed dramatically. There are a total of 6 periods according to different sponsors. Let us review together:

Sponsor-Gillette (1981-1983

Gillette is the first sponsor. The medals designed during this period are definitely classics in the history of the London Marathon medal. On the front side of the medal is Tower Bridge, and on the back side is a race line designed along the Thames. These two elements, although changed a few times later, are now fixed elements of the London Marathon medal. It is worth mentioning that the medals of the year were very mini.

Gillette london marathon medal


In the first two years, the medals of the London Marathon sponsored by Mars continue the early design patterns, one side is Tower Bridge and the other is the race line. However, some changes have also appeared. From the simple competition route, London landmarks along the route have been added, such as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. The Tower Bridge in London has also changed, from being a simple bridge to adding runners. The modified design was used for two years. In the third year, Mars Company gave up a relief pattern all of which was Tower Bridge in London, and began to put in some characters. On the 1988 medal, the relief was sports celebrity Dorando Pietri, who participated in the 1908 London Summer Olympics.

1988 london marathon medal

Sponsor ADT (1989-1992)

A feature of the medals of this period is that the architectural relief on one side of the competition line has become larger, and later, once replaced the competition line itself.

ADT sponsor london marathon medal

Sponsor NutraSweet(1993-1995)

The 1993 London Marathon Medal no longer sees the most classic marathon route. Instead, it completely puts up Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and other buildings, and loses the medal of the marathon. It does not look much different from ordinary tourist souvenirs.

NutraSweet sponsored london marathon medal

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Sponsor Flora (1996-2009)

During Flora's time as a sponsor, the medal design began to add a lot of sports elements to the medal design in a new and traditional way. On the back of each year, there are different celebrity quotations written on the back;

1996 london marathon medal.jpg


1997 london marathon medal.jpg


1998 london marathon medal.jpg


1996 writing: "nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm",ralph waldo Emerson poet

1997: i came,i ran,i conqueredi came,i ran,i conquered

1998: it is not the taking part that counts,it’s the finishing

1999: success is a journey,not a destination

2000 is the 20th anniversary of the London Marathon

The medal in 2001 stated very directly: 21st london marathon

1999 london marathon medal.jpg


20th Anniversary london marathon medal.jpg


21st london marathon medal.jpg


2009 london marathon medal.jpg

Flora is the longest sponsor in the history of the London Marathon. In 2002, the medal finally began to show other content: returning to the design of the first medal, adding Tower Bridge. In the next few sessions, continue to continue this style. 

Until 2009, Flora sponsored the last year of the London Marathon. Introduced this year is the commemorative finisher medal:Thank you Flora!

Sponsor Virgin Money(2010-present)

2010 london marathon finisher medal.jpg

Virgin Monery is now the title sponsor of the London Marathon. Their medals have been completely redesigned.

 Although classic elements such as the London Bridge have also been retained, their appearance is completely different from the previous london marathon medals.

And in 2015, launched a 35-year commemorative medal.

There are two runners on the commemorative medals, named Dick Beardsley and Inge Simonsen, who were tied for the first London Marathon in 1981.

35th Anniversary london marathon medal

The 2016 medal continues the design of the London overlooking view on the front, and changes the back to the deformation of the year 2016:

2016 london marathon finish medal

In 2017, the medal was changed to a shield shape. At the same time, the earliest design of the London horse race route was used. On the other side, classic landmarks such as the Tower of London, the London Iron Bridge, and the London Eye were also collected.This shield medal design continued into 2019.

2017 london marathon medal

Originally we can see the 2020 London medals today, unfortunately the competition was not held as scheduled, but the medal design in 2020 has become round again, Awards Gift CO.,LTD will share it next time!