2019 Disney Princess Royal Race Medals

Disney Princess Royal Race Medal 2019

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend start at each Feb 20-23th,there are four race total that is three enchanting race and one royal challenge.

On 2019 all finisher Medals are highlight different classic Disney princesses, all of them with incredible stories. Look at what is waiting for you on the finish line this year:

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Half marathon medal

This is the Sleeping Beauty medal,the body of Princess Aurora in matt gold finishing,she is running in a pink garden.

You running in the fantastic Disney park and complete the 13.1 mile half marathon and in the fantastic Disney Park.when cross the finish line you will receive this medal .

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10K race medal

This is inspired medal for Disney Princess Enchanted 10K

Feature on medal is Mulan,a courageous warrior,Heroine, replace her old father to defeat the invading nation.

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Medals for 5K

La princesa, Elena of Avalor saves her enchanted kingdom from an evil sorceress 

When finished 3.1 mile adventure,you will earn this finisher medal with Princesa Elena of Avalor

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Fairy Tale Challenge Medal

After finished both the Disney Princess Enchanted 10K and Half Marathon race your will win this shiny gold challenge medals 

With feature of Princess Jasmine.

Princess Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan, she is clever, has a vision (perhaps some rebellion), a brave (but a little lonely) beautiful princess.