2019 Great Wall Marathon Medals

The Great Wall Marathon is widely considered one of the world's most challenging marathons.it will coming soon at 18th May 2019.

Let us have a look at previous year finisher medals.

2015 2016 2017 Great Wall Marathon Medals

2016 great wall marathon medals (1).jpg

2016 finisher medals

2016 great wall marathon medals (2).jpg


2015 great wall marathon medals.jpg

2015 marathon medals

great wall marathon medals.jpg

2017 medals

The track is the wisdom of the Chinese nation. The two sides of the track are magnificent mountains and rivers.
The Great Wall is a world cutural heritage, also known as the "Great Wall", is a collective term for the vast military engineering that was built in ancient China to resist the invasion of the Saibei nomadic tribes in different periods.

Great wall marathon gathering many great runners all over the world to overcome challenges together.

Welcome to China to join this events.