2019 Malaysia HSN21KM Finisher Medals

Over 12,000 participants during the 2018 period, the finisher T-shirt and finisher Medal were greatly welcomed due to their excellent design and quality.


Here is photo for 2018 HSN21KM finisher medal,it is spining design medals.with two parts.center part can be rotating like a globe.

 2018 HSN21KM finisher medal (2).jpg

 2018 HSN21KM finisher medal (1).jpg

 2018 HSN21KM finisher medal (3).jpg

Running the PROTON HSN21KM, the road race held in the National Stadium was a bit overwhelming. With the support of the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports, HSN21KM is an initiative to promote the health movement in Malaysia.


The organization is very good, there are plenty of aid stations, water, bananas, sponges and very supportive volunteers. Security is good in traffic management with a large number of cones and distance markers.


Official has post designs online,medal made by zinc alloy material(eco-friendly)main body of medal in silver and pink color,same medal design for 5KM,10KM,21KM finisher,but unique design lanyards for each distance.

2019 HSN21KM finisher medal

For example,for 5K medal,there is 5KM print on lanyards,10K medal,with 10KM on lanyard,21KM on 21K finisher medals.


Events date at 13th Oct 2019,we will post final medal photos for you at that time.

If you have events need finisher medals,please contact us: info@awardsgift.com