2019 San Francisco Giant Race Series Medals

San Francisco Giant Race Medals

2019 is 10th Anniversary of the San Francisco Giant Race.


The San Francisco Giants are a baseball team in the West End of the MLB League. The team established the team in 1883 and won 8 world championships and 23 national championships.


The series running events include: 5k/10k Scottsdale Giant Race and Sacramento Giant Race at March,San Jose Giant Race at June,Marathon,Half marathon,10K,5K San Francisco Giant Race at September.Each events with unique design finisher medals for all runners.


Each Giant race finisher medal with San Francisco Giants Logo,it is special commemorative value.


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Just 100 participants will have the opportunity to run 26.2 miles inside Oracle Park on Thursday, September 5th to benefit the Giants Community Fund.


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What's more to celebrating the 10 years of racing,there is special challenge for 100 miles,your don’t have to run 100 miles at once,it is virtual race events.you only need to finished them before all star break ( July 8th-10th),today is 10th,Don't forget to record your distance on the Strava page.your will receive a 100 miles challenge medals a week or two after.