In Prague, there are 3 high-margin marathons every year: Prague Marathon, Prague Half Marathon, Prague Grand Prix.

Prague Marathon Start at 5th May 2019, as we introduce before, Running at Prague, Every corner of your run is beautiful like a fairy tale! There are so many people go to Prague each year. If you can running here once a time, it will be even more perfect.

So what is 25TH #PRAGUE MARATHON Medal looks like ?

The design of the medal is also very beautiful, combining the elements of notes, rivers and poams is the famous composer famous Czech composer Bedrich Smetana, who created The Moldau, Czech Vltava evokes the flow of the Vltava River.

Finisher medals of the RunCzech Running League 2019 have different parts of the poem. 

medal for Volkswagen Prague Marathon 2019

We will show your final medal photos after competition.

Material which used to produce this medal is zinc alloy,below are photos for zinc alloy medals finished by Awards Gift CO.,TD



cycle epic awards medals.jpg

zinc alloy medal with ribbon.jpg