4KM UITM virtual run and medals for finisher

I am live a regular Nine- to- Five working life.

For a long time sit front at table makes my physical condition very poor.Immunity declines, it is easy to catch a cold.I feel tired when I wake up every day.Sometimes I make mistake at work because I don't concentrate.

I don't want to live like this, I need to change.

So i download APP and start running.The enthusiasm for a moment is easy,but it is difficult to stick to it.until i found virtual run event,there are many beautiful design swag medals  I LOVE MEDALS.

If there is medal i like,i will sign up and run.

Are you do virtual run with same reason as i am ?


Here is ongoing event i am take part in 4KM so far.there have 4KM and 11KM group.

Same medal with different printing lanyards.


Medal size 9*5cm

It is heavy medal in 4mm thickness

Antique silver metal

3D design with colorful enamel colors front.

With blue lanyard for 11KM finisher

4KM awards medal with gray lanyards

All design and produced by MARATHON MY


Here are design and real photos for 4km and 11km finisher medals

UITM 4km & 11km finisher medal

If you are event organizer,please contact me,i am not only a runner,but also a sales who working at medal factory over 7 years.

I know how to make you design become a medal that finisher will love at first sight !