5 steps to put on cufflink on your shirt

Awards Gift made cuff links are a common accessory for gentlemen.it is commonly worn with French cuff (also known as double cuff) dress shirts. This sort of shirt has extra long cuffs that fold back on the cuff material, creating layers. French cuffs don’t have buttons on the sides to connect the cuff. Instead, there are small holes on each side of the cuff, where cufflinks are added.

There are 5 steps to put on cufflink on your shirt.

1,chose correct shirt.png

Step 1:Chose your favorite shirt and wear it

2,Fold up the cuffs.png

Step 2,Fold up long cuffs

3,Align the cuff holes.png

Step3,Align the cuffs holes together

4,Insert cufflink.png

Step4,Put cufflink bullet up and go through holes

5,secure the cufflink.png

Step5,Secure the cufflink by put cufflink bullet down.

Did you get it?

It will take little time on first time,then practice,it is easy for you.

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