5 Ways To Make Marathon Medals Textured

The marathon has become a sport that the middle class loves. Showing its own medals on social media has become a new way of making friends in the middle class.

What aspects can be used to extract the texture of the medal?

1) Size and thickness

Usually adult marathon medal size is about 80mm, thickness is 3mm, physical strength and endurance competition in marathon, big heavy medals can better reflect this power.




In order to save costs, some factories use low-quality plating methods. After a long time, the surface of the medaile will be oxidized. Awards Gift CO.,LTD never does this. We are committed to providing the highest quality medals to all participants. Our medals are worth be collection. 



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3) Clean colors

Awards Gift CO.,LTD has a new dust-free coloring workshop, and the awards medals we made are very clean and beautiful.

AWS  dust-free coloring workshop.png

AWS  dust-free coloring workshop.jpg

4) The neat stitching line

The so-called texture is reflected in all the tiny details. Our medaille sewing thread is neat and firm.



5) Safty Packing

Safty packaging is not only to protect finished medaljes in transit, but also to facilitate the customer to count the number of medals and arrange awards. Our packaging can meet the customization needs of our customers. we will send packing list for each shipment to customers before shipping.

safty packing_AWS

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