5TH Beemster Heritage Marathon Medals

The 6th Beemster Heritage Marathon is organized by the Beemstermasters foundation and will take place on Sunday 12 May 2019. 6 groups will start between 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM from Fort Benoorden Purmerend.

The Beemster Heritage Marathon is a performance run. Our motto "Samen Sportief Smullen" is paramount. Despite the lack of a competitive aspect and the apparently relaxed nature, participants should be aware that running this marathon also requires considerable physical effort. Thorough preparation is therefore essential.

Below is photo for 5th beemster heritage marathon medals

Made by zinc alloy metal in antique surface finishing,with stripe ribbon attached.

Beemster Heritage Marathon Medals (3)

The trail is varied, so you walk through a cowshed with cows, you cross meadows and you walk over the dikes with beautiful views, all in the beautiful Beemsterpolder in spring atmospheres.

 Beemster Heritage Marathon Medals (1)

You can walk different distances. This way you can complete the whole or half marathon as a duo. This year you can also participate as a trio in the entire marathon, where you can rent a tandem. The two (or three participants) then start with a bicycle (or tandem) and cover the full distance alternately walking and cycling with the two or three of them. Along the way can be exchanged at will; the runner goes cycling and vice versa. This way you run part of the marathon but you experience the entire marathon. The surroundings and entourage offer a wonderful opportunity to take partner, children or friends to encourage you along the route.


Beemster Heritage Marathon Medals (2)

More marathon medal and half  marathon medal photos please check here.

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We look forward to seeing the sixth edition of the Beemster Heritage Marathon Medals at 12th May 2019 !