A Sentence Guaranteed Medals Arrive On Time

Medals are an essential awards and prize for all kinds of competitions. Usually issued on the day of the end of the game, so on time delivery is very important.

AWS medal with lanyard

Especially for bespoke medal, once the game time has passed, these custom medals are useless.

Is there any magic words can make sure awards medals your order will arrive on time before the game?

Yes there is !!!

Usually, after receiving the customer's medallion design and inquiry, we will confirm with the customer about events date and date which they request medals at hand.

If there is long time,Awards Gift CO.,LTD will suggest economic shipping method to customer in order to save cost. 

If the time is very tight, we will advise the customer to place an order in advance and notify our production department to arrange this order in priority.

Awards Gift Medals

Some times,for example,medal designs and demands are ready at February,but the marathon events is in September. there are six months time,the customer may be busy for marketing and forget to order. In this case, if you tell us about the time of the event, our sales staff will remind you,so you will never face such embarrassed moment.

So what is this magic sentence ?

Here is  "my events date is XX,i need medals at hand before XX”

Don't forget it and order sports medals from us directly.

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