Advantage and disadvantage for PVC keychains

Awards Gift CO.,LTD made PVC soft plastic keychain is eco-friendly.

The effect is various, the surface can be flat, 2D stereo, 3D stereo, etc.; transparent oil can also be added to make it transparent and translucent; adding phosphor to make luminous; adding flavor to make it scent; You can put a small jewelry such as a compass and a thermometer. Home decoration for occasions promotion for a variety of industries, this product has a strong three-dimensional, colorful, feel good, have a good visual effect, have a good decoration and advertising effects!

They are beautiful in appearance, small and exquisite; the diversity of patterns is also made from rich imagination. Its patterns are diverse, heart-shaped, Christmas trees, butterflies, and all kinds of cartoons, all kinds of small animal shapes, very realistic, Very cute, beautiful and generous, is a fashionable ornament, loved by boys and girls. The product has the characteristics of softness, long service life and no irritating skin. It is a popular fashion accessory in Europe and the United States, and is also the best choice for new humans, so you can be cool!

It can be customized according to the size and shape that you want. The mold opening fee is generally ecomonic. The jewelry store has the most materials. The disadvantage is that the color is easy to become dull.

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