Advantage To Order Finisher Medals Directly Via Factory

With the development of the economy and the progress of society, more and more people are paying attention to health. Marathon competitions are widely carried out all over the world. A few years ago, there were only a dozen games in China a year, and now there are hundreds of games in a year. Not to mention the European countries where the marathon was born and the economically developed Western countries.

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As we mentioned before“no medal no marathon”the demand for such awards medals is increasing. Today I will introduce to you:

Advantage To Order Finisher Medals Directly Via Factory

1) Needless to say, everyone knows that ordering medal directly with the factory can get the best price and quality.

2) Some customers may worry about communication,But what I want to say is that Awards Gift CO.,LTD has an excellent sales team. Everyone's English is at level 6 or above. Speaking and writing are basic assessment criteria.  In addition, we are also proficient in Spanish. Arabic, French, Japanese, Korean and other small language sales representatives. Communication is fluently. 

3) In order to attract more contestants, the registration time of all major events is getting later and later, by cooperation with the factory can reduce unnecessary intermediate,make sure on time delivery.

4) What's more our factory has a professional design department, skilled in the operation of drawing software such as AI/PS/CAD/CDR, and can complete the customer's satisfactory medal design artwork within 1-2 days.

5) Flexible communication methods, in addition to the website and mail, you can also contact us on Facebook, Linkedin,Youtube , Whatsapp, Wechat, Skype...

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