Advantages of UV printing medals

With development of technology,for medal processing except,soft enamel medal,hard enamel medal,silk printing medal,we can also produce medal with gradient colors.

Awards Gift CO.,LTD is professional medal factory,instead to do gradient color in domed sticker finishing,now we can make it via UV printing.

Below is photo for UV printing running medal

UV Printing Run To Run Carouge Running Medals (3)

UV printing medals have the following advantages.


1. High color saturation and good color effect. Compared with traditional lithography, UV printing can achieve relatively high color effects, and for prints with stricter color requirements, satisfactory results can be obtained.


2. The print has high gloss and beautiful appearance. Paired with a matte background color for an impressive visual contrast, it is very helpful to enhance the high quality image of the product.


3. It is applicable to many types of printed materials with different physical properties and chemical properties, including paper, cardboard, plastic, racetrack, PVC, PE, etc. This feature can print more product types than traditional lithography, and has a broader market future.


4. It can be dried immediately at the same time of printing, which can greatly improve the production efficiency. Since there is no need to wait for the ink drying time, the production time can be greatly shortened, and the printing company can save a lot of space for storing the to-be-printed parts, which is helpful for cost saving. .

UV Printing Run To Run Carouge Running Medals (2)

5. Since it is dry immediately after printing, it is not necessary to use dusting, and it can be avoided because of the quality problems caused by dusting.


6. Due to the immediate drying during printing, no color change occurred within 48 hours of printing.

7. The print resistance of the print is better.


8. The abrasion resistance of the print is better.


9. Relatively friendly to the environment.

If you have medal request in gradient colors,please don't hesitate to contact us.

We can finishing them in excellent quality.

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