All about the 1/2 life of a marathon medal


There is no doubt, many marathon runners gradually become medal enthusiasts, after finish the race, take photos for medals, and make collection has also become an inalienable hobby. We often say, do not run a marathon just for medals, but only the sweat on the body, heavy metals, let us feel: I finished the marathon this extreme sport! Therefore, for many runners, collecting, displaying, and displaying marathon medals is not a kind of show-off, but the glory of their lives. A marathon medal is not a show-off, but a lifetime honor, which is not sought by everyone. The way you run and the sweat you run will not let you down. When you run a marathon, you will understand. A long time ago that marathon medals are a tribute to heroes. The birth of the marathon is to commemorate the hero, runners repeat the hero's track, so runners who finish the race can be called heroes. Crossing the finish line is a kind of affirmation to himself, and he won the finisher medal that he would only have as a hero in ancient times.

So, do you know what is the life for a marathon medal? 

The first 1/2 life for medal is related to"How did marathon medal be produced?" 

The birth of a medal is accompanied by the beginning of a competition, and before the start of the competition, the organizers will draw a picture of the medal according to the content, time and characteristics of this race.

Most marathon medals are made of zinc alloy, which has low melting point, good fluidity, easy fusion, brazing and plastic processing, and is corrosion resistant in the atmosphere, so it is widely used in medal production. 

On this article,Awards Gift CO.,LTD will introduce 11 steps to finish a medal(with videos and images) please keep reading!

Step 1: Making mould

In order to ensure the quality of mass production of medals, the first production step is mold engraving. Select a medium-sized stainless steel abrasive, and then carve the medal artwork back on the abrasive surface. Usually we use a fine carving machine.

The engraving machine is composed of computer, engraving machine controller and engraving machine mainframe. Working principle: it is designed and typesetting through the special engraving software configured in the computer, and the information of the design and typesetting is automatically transmitted to the engraving machine controller by the computer, and then the controller converts these information into a signal with power (pulse string) that can drive the stepper motor or servo motor, and controls the engraving machine host to generate the carving knife path base diameter of X Y Z. At the same time, the high-speed rotary engraving head on the engraving machine can cut the machining materials fixed on the worktable of the mainframe through the cutting tools configured according to the processing material, so as to carve out all kinds of plane or three-dimensional relief graphics and characters designed in the computer, and realize the automatic engraving operation.

Step 2: Engraving "shuilu" on medal mould

Carved abrasives can not be directly used in the production of medals, need to go through the nozzle, which refers to the combination of the frame and parts formed by the factory when pouring the model. Also known as "SHUILU" (gate), it means the import and export of hot liquid material flow.

medal mould-Awardsgift.JPG
medal shuiluo

After the waterway is finished, we can test the model, and after this step, we can see the sample mould piece of the medal. It is mainly used to check the details and effects. After passing the test mold, the tool needs to be heated to a certain temperature, and then cooled to the normal temperature or lower at a certain rate after holding for a period of time, We call it heat treatment,the purpose is to improve the structure of steel and obtain more excellent properties.

Step 3: Die casting

The mold is loaded into the die casting machine again, and the hydraulic pressure of the molten metal is injected into the mold under pressure to cool the mold, and the prototype of the medal is completed.

Step 4: Break off medals from die casting pieces

At this time, the medals are with nozzle metal, and our workers will break off the medals one by one and smooth the interface with files and other tools. This is a simple treatment and does not smooth the surface.

breaking off medal from die casting metal
Scrape off the burr-Awardsgift.JPG

Step 5: Polishing

The next step is polishing. Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electro chemical action to reduce the surface roughness of the work piece in order to obtain a bright and smooth surface. Is the use of polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media to modify the surface of the work piece. Polishing can not improve the dimensional accuracy or geometric accuracy of the work piece, but for the purpose of obtaining a smooth surface or specular luster. After finely polished medals, the surface is as smooth and bright as a mirror.

Mirror back finishing medal-Awardsgift (2).jpg
Mirror back finishing medal-Awardsgift (1).jpg

Step 6: Electro-plating

Electroplating is a very interesting step,The working principle of electroplating process is the method of laying a layer of metal on the conductor by using the principle of electrolysis. Electroplating refers to a surface processing method in which the cations of the pre-plated metal in the plating solution are deposited on the surface of the substrate metal by electrolysis with the substrate metal as the cathode in the salt solution containing pre-plated metal.

There are three colors that we can see on many events such as Olympic games,World competitions :such as gold medal, silver medal and bronze medals. in addition, there are many different electroplating colors to choose,below is our plating chart.

Awardsgift medal plating chart

At present, antique electroplating medals are also very popular.

Antique silver race medals-awardsgift (1).jpgAntique silver race medals-awardsgift (2).jpg

Step 7: Color-filling 

After electroplating medal in plating color, How are those colorful marathon medals made?

In order to achieve different color effects in the medal artwork. The next step is enameling. Enamel strictly speaking,is a kind of paint, can also be said to be a kind of process. The detailed process of enameling is to inject different colors of paint into the substrate and dry it.

fill enamels on medal-awardsgift

With the development of technology, many medals are now painted by machines. 

This greatly saves the color time.

Step 8: Making medal ribbons

After color finishing, we can assembling ribbon to medals now, There are two kinds of commonly used medal ribbons: silk printing ribbons and heat transfer ribbons.

silk print ribbon medal-awardsgift.JPG

Silk printing ribbon work table-Awardsgift

Silkscreen printing ribbon, screen printing is the abbreviation of "screen printing". made by using photosensitive materials by photographic plate making (so that the         screen holes in the picture- text part of the screen printing plate are through holes, rather than the screen holes  in the picture-text part are blocked). When printing, 

through the extrusion of the scraper, the ink is   transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the picture and text part, forming the same   picture and text as the original manuscript. This kind of pure manual printing takes a long time. The production capacity is low.

Heat transfer ribbon is a process of ribbon printing. The main method of the process is to use the printer to print the pictures that need to be done on the transfer paper, and then press the ribbon through the pressing machine to realize the color!heat transfer ribbon medal-awardsgift.JPG

Step 9: Assembling ribbon on medals

Now it's time for assembly, and medals and ribbons can be assembled in many different ways, depending on the hanging holes of the medal+ Metal hook

medal with metal hook.jpg
V neck ribbon medal.jpg
Stitching ribbon medal.jpg
Medal ribbon+ HookV-neck ribbon medalStitching ribbon medal

                                                Other special ribbon connection method

Special ribbon connection

There are also many different ways of sewing, some moving, some fixed, some in a single direction, and some in the V direction. At this time, there is a question, how to determine the direction of the medal ribbon? Here is some standard sewing direction:

Text direction on medal ribbon (2).jpg
Text direction on medal ribbon (1).jpg
Text direction on ribbon is 45 degree on left ribbonText direction on ribbon is 135 degree on ribbon

If there is a logo or an image on the ribbon, usually we will be stitching ribbon- like below

logo on medal ribbon

A custom request is always welcomed.we are open mind to follow your inquiry.

Step 10: Packing

After the assembly is completed, we will pack the medals in transparent PP bags to reduce friction in transit. For some 3D medals, we will use an extra bubble bag to protect them. When the runner crosses the finish line, events assistance staff can quickly hand over the medal when they send their blessings. So some organizers asked us do not pack medal into the individual bag so that after they received the medals, they didn't have to take time to remove the bags.

no polybag packing for medal-Awardsgift (1).JPG
no polybag packing for medal-Awardsgift (2).JPG
Step 11: Transportation

The next step is transportation, The purchase volume of large-scale competitions is large, and the time and the number of medals are fixed, so they can be purchased three months or even half a year in advance. In this case, shipping is the most economical way. Considering the competition time, many medals are transported by air or express delivery, such as FEDEX/DHL/UPS, which varies from 3 to 10 days depending on the type of service chosen.

Medal transportation-Awardsgift

Before placing the order, you can tell us the specific time of the game, and our representative will provide you with the most economical and reliable mode of transportation for you to choose from. No matter what is your request, we will always do our best to matching it, if you have another request, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Awards Gift CO.,LTD engaged in the first 1/2 half of marathon medal life,The rest life of the medal begins from the moment you receive it. Each medal reflects the life of a runner who is different from others. Each medal has its own story.

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