Attachments for lapel pin and pin badges

Attachments for lapel pin and pin badges.


As we all know that butterfly clutch is most common used attachment for lapel pins.there are gold and silver colors.but do you know more?


Below are some attachments which also be used on the back of lapel pin and badge such as :

Rubber clutch,Jewelry clutch / Deluxe clutch,Magnet,Long needle,Safety pin.


And what are differences between them?


1) Rubber clutch,with similar shape as butterfly clutch,but in rubber material,it is soft.there are many different colors like: black,red,yellow...

2) Jewelry clutch / Deluxe clutch,metal material in gold and silver color options. It is luxury type lapel pin attachment.

3) Magnet,no thorn needle needed,it will not have to pierce your clothes when wear it.

4) Long needle,on the back of lapel pin for suit and brooch.

5) Safety pin,with this attachment,lapel pin will stay steady on your clothes.

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