Beautiful Vision - Botswana Flag Badge

The beautiful vision on Botswana flag badge
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The Botswana flag badge is rectangular in shape with a length to width ratio of 3:2. In the middle of the flag, there is a black wide strip, two light blue horizontal rectangles on the top and bottom, and two white thin strips between black and light blue. Black represents the vast majority of blacks in the population of Botswana; white represents a minority of the population such as whites; blue symbolizes the blue sky and water. The beautiful vision of the national flag is that in the blue sky of Africa, blacks and whites unite and live together.

History Of Botswana

On September 30, 1966, the British declared independence from the United Kingdom and changed its name to the Republic of Botswana. It was also this day that the Botswana flag was officially opened. Botswana is a landlocked country located in southern Africa. It is one of the countries with faster economic development and better economic conditions in Africa. Rich in mineral resources, the diamond industry, cattle industry and emerging manufacturing industries are the pillar industries. There are three main ports: Gaborone (FRANCISTOWN) SELEBI PIKWE

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