Benefit To Have Your Own Design Golf Ball Marker

As stated in the rules, it is recommended that you use a coin or similar item to mark your ball on the green. I would recommend using ball markers that you are able to stick in the ground. They are cheap and you will be less likely to lose them.


Ball markers can be personalized with your name, initials, logo, picture and more. We can also create custom ball markers for your golf event. Optional accessories include putting your custom ball markers in velvet bags, on hat clips or in divot tools.which is really convenient and low cost. Keep them in your bag so you will always have them when you are out on the course because it can be embarrassing when you have to ask your playing partner for a ball-marker!


Custom logo golf ball markers make a great gift for any event, social occasion or company outing. Simply hand this out and everyone will remember your organization or tournament for years to come. You'll find a large variety of styles, sizes and colors, but most importantly, each and every one will house your logo of choice. When you need customized ball markers, turn to

custom golf ball markers

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