Black nickel plant lapel pin

With the increasingly technological and information-based life in the world, people are increasingly pursuing how to improve their quality of life and meet their material and spiritual needs. 

At the same time, the living environment that mankind depends on is also getting worse year by year.

Environmental pollution and destruction of green plants are increasing.

In order to prevent the ecological environment from worsening, people who love environmental protection have also begun to take action.

Environmental protection refers to the general term for various actions taken by mankind to solve actual or potential environmental problems, coordinate the relationship between mankind and the environment, and ensure the sustainable development of economy and society.

More and more conservation organizations are calling for the theme of environmental protection.

There are engineering and technical measures, innovative research and development measures, and publicity and education activities.

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Plant lapel pin.jpg

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This is a green plant lapel pin, composed of a sapling-shaped pattern, and its design resembles a villain.

Made of zinc alloy material with black nickel plating.

The soft enamel process is used on the front, and the back is designed with a sandblasting effect, with two metal butterfly clutches.

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