Boris Tsar Version Medal

The Kingdom of Bulgaria's Medal of Merit and Medal (4) - Boris Tsar Version Medal


On October 3, 1918, at the request of the occupation authorities of the Allies, the Ferdinand Tsar gave the throne to the 23-year-old Crown Prince Boris. In the evening, he boarded the tsar’s train that stood alone on the platform of the Sofia train station, left the Bulgarian territory that had lived for 32 years, and went to the manor where he lived in Austria before he became a king. At 12 o'clock, with a dull whistle, the train disappeared into the dark night.

Boris, the young tsar is a bald, thin, slightly hunched, sick and sick. The greatest pleasure of his life is to drive the train, followed by the mechanical structure of the watch. The “Orient Express” drivers who crossed the European continent were warned by the railway company that the king was not allowed to approach the cab when driving in Bulgaria.

This attitude of being absent-minded about politics actually helps to preserve his life and throne, because being a king in the Balkans is not an easy task. But after a series of excellent incidents (the coup of 1923), this determination not to be politically moved was broken, and the open cland of the Tsar was imperative.

Boris III

Boris III, who was still very young at the time.

Boris Tsar version medal

Compared to his father who likes extravagance and waste, Boris looks more frugal. Even in some areas (such as the award for academic and scientific medals), the old king's awards are still used. But the new Meritorious Medal must also be set up, and the new text is surrounded by Boris's side face portrait "БОРИСЪIIIЦАРЬНАББЛЛАНИК". During the period of Boris III, a large number of medal orders were delivered to the German production, and thus produced a strange version of the word (the lack of the letter "А" - "БОРИСЪ IIIЦАРЬНАБЪЛГРИТѢ"

Boris III Medal of Merit

A typical Boris III Medal of Merit