Brand Promotion Metal Keychain Design

Each international brand has its own brand promotion plan every year.not a single design,but a series promotion items.such as: Promotional badges,Keychain promo items,Lanyards,Wristbands...

These plans are not an investment without payback.On the contrary,these brands are very concerned about returns.such as the popularity of promotional items, the market share of brands, etc.

For example: Keychain promo items.

At first they will source keychain which there are interested in,there may include:

Promo bottle opener keychain

laser engraved tag bottle opener lanyard.jpg


Promo leather keychain

corporate-gift-car-keychain-leather57173357565 (1).jpg


Metal promotional keyring

oval-shape-metal-logo-keyring30306102922 (1).jpg


If you are source promo keychains for brand,please contact us to get more designs: