Can the contents of the cosmetic bag open beer ?

Can the contents of the cosmetic bag also open the bottle? Mascara lipstick.. all can be !

Sometimes I have a beer and a bunch with my friends. What if I don’t have a bottle opener? Can't open a bottle with violence like a boy,while our girl has a cosmetic bag! what? Can the contents of the cosmetic bag also open the bottle? Don't believe it, come and pour the cosmetic bag and see what can be used as a bottle opener!

Eyelash curler

The eyelash curler looks like a bottle opener at first glance, and it's handy to take it.

Tubular lipstick

It is also great to use the end of the lipstick, especially the anti-slip prismatic design at the end.


Rotate the mascara and fasten the cap with a thread. It will be OK if you force it.

Nail polish bottle

Use a nail polish cover to slap along the bottle cap, and wait until the cap is loose enough to open it. It is also possible to use bottles filled with vitamins, which are still relatively violently cracked.

mobile phone charger

The mobile phone charger is actually the metal piece above. In order to prevent it from smashing (not impossible), what we need to do is to slowly squat until the bottle cap is loose and can be taken down by hand. It will be a little bit long, but it is feasible!

Spherical lip balm

The spherical lip balm is a big tool in the bottle opening industry. The method is to rotate the lid down, and then use the spiral inside the lipstick cover to buckle the bottle cap.

Nail file

It is also violent to open the bottle cap. Insert one end of the tip into the cap, let the tail of the nail hit the table, and hold the bottle down. You can use the law of inertia. But pay attention to the amplitude and be careful. The foam is sprayed out while the lid is open.

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