Canada flag badges is easy to identify

Among all the national flag badges, the Canadian flag badge is very easy to identify.

The Canadian flag consists of red and white, with the two sides representing the former British rule, The white in the middle represents the vast expanse of Canada,the Canadian maple leaf for the middle.The designers were George Stanley and John Massonson, which were launched on February 15, 1965.

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In fact, the Canadian flag was not designed as above in the first place.

Canada was the first British Commonwealth member to be independent. After the independence of Canada in 1867, it designed its own flag. The reference is the Red Ensign. Its upper left corner is a three-quarter-wide m flag. The color is red and there is a Canadian federal badge on the right. The tradition of placing the rice flag in the upper left corner of the flag is actually created by the Canadians themselves.

Canada flag before 1965

The picture below are souvenir coins,Canada flag lapel pins,Cananda Museum souvenir lapel pins,Table stand in the War Museum in Ottawa. The coin in the middle is painted with the Canadian flag before 1965.

souvenir coin at Museum

After the end of World War II, Canadians had considered designing the flag like this: replacing the British royal family's badge with the golden maple leaf with Canadian characteristics... Unfortunately, the Canadian Parliament did not adopt it...

Canada flag design version

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