Championship Ring Medal

Championship Ring Medal

The championship ring is similar to the trophy's honour but its humanized design makes it a great collection and commemorative value.

Usually there are event information, year and other memorable information on the ring.

For example, the NBA championship ring is engraved with the title of the championship, the name of the team, and each player's ring is also engraved with its own name.

The medal introduced today is a champion ring.

Championship Ring Gold Medal With Lanyard (1).jpg

Championship Ring Gold Medal With Lanyard

Design: Championship ring

Usage: Medal with lanyard

Mould: AWS-M-114

Material: Zinc alloy

Plating: Gold

Finishing: Enamel with glitter

Lanyard: Heat transfer printing

it is a championship ring with lanyard,so winners can wear with lanyard on neck and wear without lanyard on finger.

That's really a cool championship ring design.