Chinese Tradition Feature Metal Logo Keyring

Chinese Tradition Feature Metal Logo Keyring
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This metal football keychain with design that a young emperor playing CUJU.

It is best promotion and souvenir gifts for football game.

CUJU is an ancient football game in China

"Cu" means to kick, and "Ju" is a kind of ball in ancient China, made of leather and filled with hair of the animals.

History for CUJU

As early as the emperor's time four or five thousand years ago, the squatting movement already existed. The purpose of the embarrassment at that time was to better carry out military training and select talents. In the Han Dynasty, the movement became more and more prosperous. At that time, no matter the emperor, ordinary people liked it. In the Tang Dynasty, the movement entered a very important period - when people invented the ball that could be used to inflate. The ball is more rounded and more flexible, making the squat movement more intense and more enjoyable. In the Song Dynasty, the movement of the Sui Dynasty entered a golden age. Because the movement was more normative and ornamental, the Second Movement had a similar organization like the current Football Association - Qi Yunshe, and the third was that the court attached great importance to the movement. According to historical records, many emperors of the Song Dynasty, such as Song Taizu and Song Taizong, loved it very much.

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