Classification of commemorative coins

Ordinary commemorative coins include ordinary metal commemorative coins and commemorative banknotes.

Ordinary metal commemorative coins are further classified into general coins and refined coins. Ordinary commemorative coins are made of paper for printing or metal for casting. The denomination indicates their legal value. They are mainly designed and cast on major events, festivals, anniversaries and rare animals at home and abroad. It is a legal currency issued by the state that can be circulated but also has a commemorative significance. After issuance, it can circulate in the same value as other circulating RMB, and its denomination is recorded in the market cash flow, which becomes part of the money supply. Therefore, the circulation commemorative coins are first legal tender. Its face value is generally: one corner, one yuan, five yuan, ten yuan, etc., can be listed and circulated with the same value as the ordinary paper RMB.

Precious metal commemorative coins include gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins, palladium coins and other precious metals or their alloy coins, which are made of precious metals such as gold and silver. Wide range of subjects, exquisite workmanship, strong viewing ability, and mostly for group distribution. There are also round, square, colored and fan-shaped coins in the form of coins. Their denominations are denominated as five, ten, three, three, five, one, one, five, one, and so on. The issuance price of such coins is generally several dozen or more times the denomination value. Therefore, denomination is only a symbolic currency symbol, which does not indicate its true value and cannot be circulated. Its denomination is not recorded in the market cash flow.

As a special commodity of general equivalence, commemorative coins also have high value of collection, preservation and investment.