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With the increase of cross-border trade,On some important occasions such as: G20 meeting,APEC meeting,World Economic Forum Annual Meeting,Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Conference.Transnational investment cooperation,every participants should wear their country flag lapel pins on below:

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The Italian flag, also known as the Italian tricolor flag, consists of three parallel vertical rectangles, which are green, white and red from left to right, with a length to width ratio of 2:3

Green = national hope

White = national belief

Red = the kindness of Jesus

The original flag of Italy was the same color as the French flag. In 1796, the blue color was changed to green.

In March 2003, the Italian government set the standard for the three colors of its flag for the first time. The Italian government stipulated that the three standard colors used in the Italian flag are fresh grass green, milk white and tomato red. The pantone color standards are as follows: 

Green: 18-5642 TC 

White: 11-4201 TC 

Red: 18-1660 TC

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