Completing for gold sandblasting badges

The badge, in short, is a sign worn on the body to identify identity and occupation.

The badge making process legend shows the most done badge techniques, paint, imitation, stamping, and other badge techniques: bite plate (etching plate), screen printing, offset printing, 3D stereo effect.

The place where the badge is raised can be used for all kinds of gold plating, nickel plating and other plating effects (metal color).

Paint characteristics: bright colors, clear lines, strong metal texture, can use brass, iron , zinc alloy as raw materials, of which iron paint badge is cheap, if you have less budget, choose this most suitable!

Awards Gift CO.,LTD make sandblasting badges in excellent quality.

The picture shows complated finishing for gold plated stamped sandblasting badges:

air force lapel pin.jpg

Air force lapel pin

gold lapel pin for men.jpg

Gold lapel pin for men

lapel pin eagle.jpg

Eagle lapel pin

lapel pin gold.jpg

Lapel pin gold