Custom cartoon lapel pin

Do you like cartoon lapel pin?

As a deep lover of cartoon characters, the cartoon lapel pin is a very good design.

You can wear it on your clothes, you can pin it on your cuffs, you can wear it on your backpack, or you can reflect it wherever you want to correct.

cartoon lapel pin.jpg

cartoon lapel pin (2).jpg

It not only reflects what you think of as a cartoon fan, but also can express your love for them at any time.

The cartoon lapel pin is a small gift for every animation enthusiast.

There are many people who like to collect, just like anime characters.

Some people are happy to have hundreds of different designs of pin badges, including not only various mission patterns, but also badges made of different materials, hard enamel pins, and soft enamel. Pins, glowing pins, glittering pin badges, offset printing pins, etc.

Bear Lapel pin1 (2).jpg

Bear Lapel pin1 (1).jpg

This lapel pin is a cute little bear. It uses a hard enamel process, a white hat, a pink body, and a long tail. 

Made of iron, copper plating, sand blasting effect on the back and two rubber clutch.

If you also have a cartoon pattern that you want to customize into a lapel pin, please contact us, we will turn your ideas into reality!