Daily maintenance of cufflinks

Cufflinks belong to jewelry,In order to ensure that each time you wear, the cufflinks are in good condition,we should understand basic daily maintenance of cufflinks.

a. After each wear, apply a soft cloth to gently wipe it. For example, when it is sweaty in summer, use warm water to rinse, but do not use overheated water. Do not use detergent. Do not place in mothballs, detergents, coffee, perfume, oil, salt, alcohol, gel water, hair cream, vinegar, etc., do not touch with organic solvents, because these chemicals will cause cuffs to become black and yellow. If the drink or coffee is sprinkled on the cufflinks, rinse it off immediately with water and then dry it with a soft cloth. Bathing,

b. Always remove the cufflinks when swimming. In addition, when the cufflinks are not in the bag, it is best to gently wash and dry with water, or wipe with alcohol to ensure that the cufflinks are durable and bright, avoiding glare.

c. Store with special pp bag or special packing box, do not pay attention to maintain a certain degree of wetness, pay special attention to not be placed in plastic bags, and should be stored separately from other jewelry.

d. If the inlays such as topaz, emerald, crystal, agate and opal inlaid with jewelry are stained, do not wash with warm water, brush with soap, then wash with water.

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