Design a medal with ribbon bar not easy break

Recently we received a customer's request to design a medal with ribbon bar which not easy to be what is it?

Below is screenshot for his email.he said,these medals are for children and they often pull the ribbon and break the ribbon ring.customer reflect that they need medal with ribbon bar not easy be break by kids 2

He also shared ribbon bar photos for previous kids medals.we checked that it is silk print V-neck ribbon with 2 small and thin metal rings.

When kids pull the ribbon,these small metal rings is easy to be break.

Previous marathon medal designs (1).png

Previous marathon medal designs (2).png

We send different ribbon bar designs medal photos to him.

First medal design,ribbon bar is wider enough to go though ribbon,so no need put small ring.

Second medal design,it is like a donut,medal can be rotating 360 degrees.

Finally he chose the second design,because it is much more fun.



Except above designs, Awards Gift CO.,LTD also make custom medals with unique designs.for more information welcome to contact us:


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