Design Features Of Triathlon Medal

Design Features Of Triathlon Medal

Are there any characteristics of the triathlon medal?

Yes there are, in addition to the general information about the event, the triathlon medals also include swimming, bicycle, long-distance running graphic logos, or text logos. Some design of medals also indicate the distance of each competition.

Medal samples as below:



Introduction for triathlon competition

After the birth of the triathlon in Hawaii, it was originally only popular in the United States, and gradually spread widely in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Britain, Japan, China and other countries. 

The first Olympic event was at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, which consisted of three parts. 1.5 km swimming, 40 km bicycle and 10 km long run together. 

Athletes in the triathlon competition can't pause between different projects. Once a match reaches the finish line, it must immediately enter the starting point of the next race.

How to make your own events triathlon medal?

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