Do you familiar with three type finishing of enamel pins?

Do you know three type finishing of enamel pins?


Enamel pins are more and more popular nowadays,there are colorful and is best gift for brand promotion,clothes decoration and giveaway is also new favorite item for nova artist.


There are three different finishing of enamel pins you should know before design custom pins.


1) Soft enamel lapel pin


Soft enamel lapel pin is hot sale lapel pins on can be finished on limited area with multipes colors.all colors fill in recessed area,when touch it,you can feel stronger about raised and recessed area.

What's more soft enamel pin cost is very competitive.

game controller soft enamel lapel pins

Game controller soft enamel lapel pin

heart shape soft enamel pins

Heart soft enamel pin


2) Soft enamel with epoxy lapel pin

Soft enamel pin with epoxy with one more production step than soft enamel pin.after colors filling,we will add transparent epoxy on top of pin surface.we can do epoxy in thin thicker or high thicker as customer request.

After finished,surface is smooth like water droplets


owl enamel pin

Owl enamel pin with epoxy

cartoon enamel pin with epoxy

Cartoon enamel pin with epoxy


3) Hard enamel lapel pin

Hard enamel lapel pin is most elegant finishing for all three finishing.also the cost is higher and production leadtime is longer than others.

Different from soft enamel pin and soft enamel pin with epoxy,colors filled before plating work.

After finished,raised metal line and color in same level.

Squirrel hard enamel pin

Squirrel hard enamel pin

Complex gold hard enamel lapel pin

Custom gold hard enamel lapel pin

If you want design your own enamel pins,welcome to contact us or click for more information about lapel pins