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If you are a fan of the royal family, you may often see royal members wearing red paper flowers. But the needle is not just a fashion statement – it has far-reaching implications.

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Every November, British citizens (including the Queen of England) wear crimson poppy badges to commemorate the fallen soldiers. As a century of tradition, this flower has now become a symbol of hope and gratitude. But how did it come about?


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Story is this: During the First World War, after a particularly bloody battle in Flanders, Belgium, thousands of bright red flowers appeared mysteriously. John McCrae, the Canadian expeditionary lieutenant, had just lost a friend in the war. He was touched by this spontaneous flower. He wrote a poem about flower elasticity called "In Flanders Fields." )".

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This 1915 poem was immediately popular, inspiring the Royal Legion, a British charity that still supports veterans and their families, to sell 9 million handmade poppy on November 11. Thus, the “Poppy Flower Badge” and the first poppy fundraising campaign began as follows: an annual fundraising event for veterans to commemorate the Memorial Day in November.

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Similar to the Veterans Day in the United States, Remembrance Day or Poppy Day is held on the second Sunday in November to commemorate the lives and memories of the fallen soldiers.

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