Do you know which 6 features for PVC Keychains?

Do you know which 6 feature for PVC keychains?

Awards Gift CO.,LTD is professional factory to make PVC keychain in various design and finishng,we will introduce for you.

1) Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: pvc keychains are made of environmentally friendly materials, can pass SGS certification, European toy safety regulations EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3, goods are sold in Europe and America, in the gift export mall Occupy a high share.

2) Strong stereo effect: PVC soft rubber keychain can be flat or 3D, and the keychain is made of embossed technology. The stereo effect is very strong and extremely expressive!

3) Wide application range: There is no restriction on the use of the keychain. For example, if you put the corresponding product information on the keychain or the propaganda language, it will be very good as an advertising promotional gift.

4) Diverse appearance: The shape of the keychain is not constrained. It is usually very petite. The convention is round or square. As long as you express your fantasy, you can make a keychain that is unique to you.

5) Strong scalability: PVC keychain, plus LED lights can be made into a lighted keychain, plus spices can be made into a fragrance keychain, plus a thermometer can be made into a functional keychain.

6) It is suitable for order: PVC soft rubber keychain, with the cost of mold, low unit price and strong product conceiving characteristics, it is especially suitable for custom-made.