Dreamy And Charming Disney Marathon Medals

Cool! Dreamy and charming Disney Marathon medal you deserve

Speaking of marathons, in addition to horse racing enthusiasts, everyone's first reaction should be feeling tired, but there is a fun and magical marathon in the world - Disney Marathon.


You don't feel tired at all during the running. There are your favorite Disney characters to run with you. Whether you have run a marathon or not, the Disney Marathon is worth trying!

Different weekends will have different themes. Different Disney characters lead the way, it is a kind of memory, and it is a unique experience that makes a difference! And the medal face value is particularly high, just for the medal is also worth running a Disney Marathon!

charming Disney Marathon medal

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Speaking of such a peculiar marathon, how come? Its origin is misunderstanding.

In 1994, Disney Park was in the downturn after the holidays. It seems that all amusement parks will face this problem. The park's activity team is thinking about calling on everyone to "see who can run the marathon at Disney" ,so 8,000 people appeared. Disney.

Later, the official extended the marathon into a "game weekend" and created an event called "GoofyChallenge." In this challenge, there is a half marathon on Saturday and there is a full race on Sunday. The total mileage of the two days is 39.3 miles (about 63.2 kilometers).


Perhaps because there are too many people who are not guilty, this Disney Marathon has just met the expectations of everyone, so more and more people know about this event, and now it has become an annual Disney Park special event.

Disneyland's half horse, full horse, 10k, 5K, and various theme runs

Applicant requirements:

Participants who participate in the Disney Half Horse and theme run must be over 14 years of age.

Participants who participate in the 10K run must be over 10 years of age.

Participants who participate in the 5K run must be over 5 years old and the competitors need to be able to complete the competition independently.

Participants who participate in the runDisney Kids Race must be under 8 years of age.

5K running is the most popular family running package! Because as long as they are over 5 years old, children can participate.

After each event is completed, you can get the corresponding Finsher medal, as well as small refreshments after the game.

disney marathon medals