How vital that family emblem badge in the aristocratic society of western europe?

Family emblem badge that is highly valued by the Western aristocracy,because it is a symbol of a person, a family with status, assets, and power.

The emblem is mostly composed of a shield and a base. It is divided into a head and a base. The pattern often has birds, beasts, swords, and skulls. It is also decorated with helmets, cloaks, garlands, crowns, badges, ornaments, corollas or The crown is decorated with a pattern, so it is called a coat of arms or a coat of arms.

In the UK, the original family emblem was self-developed and later awarded by the royal family. In 1484, King Charles III of England was appointed to establish the London Heraldic Institute. The dean was a hereditary post with 13 coats of arms, including 3 senior coats of arms. In the 14th century, the coat of arms officers managed the aristocratic affairs more often, and the powers of the coat of arms were expanded at the end of the century. At the beginning of the 15th century, the highest coat of arms officers were able to be given a title to the lower aristocrats; when the king stopped directly granting the coat of arms, this power was exercised by the coat of arms, and the coat of arms was used as the imperial bureaucrat. Seal certificate. In the era of Shakespeare, the superiors not only had the titles of nobles, apes, gentlemen, but also the family emblems to decorate the halls, so that the drama actors at that time must also wear the troupe shelter & home's livery, wearing sheltered people. Family crest. Even on the stage of the drama, I can see some of the noble family's emblems from time to time. For example, when the Leicester Troupe staged the "The Scourge of the Actors" - the drama, the asylum of Sir Oliver Olitt was revealed. Family emblem badge - only the ivy woven. In addition to the aristocrats and bureaucrats, although they were born in civilians, they have made special contributions to the country. After applying, and assisted by asylum seekers, the Heraldic Institute also gave an exception to the family emblem to make it a glory.

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