Fantastic display options for custom coins

Fantastic display options for custom coins

In order to protect coins during shipment,usually each custom coin will be simply packed into polybag,but this packing method is not good for display or sale.

Today we are going to introduce some fantastic display options for custom coins.


PVC pouch for silver coin

1) PVC pouch

PVC pouch also known as plastic envelopes,it's  scratch resistant challenge coin display packing option. custom coins will not move and make   noise inside the PVC pouch, protecting your     coins well during shipment.

2) Gauza bag

Gauza bag is economic gift packing method.      while usually,we do packing coin into polybag   first  than put it into gauza bag.there are many colors for gauza.


gauze bag for custom coins

Velvet pouch for metal coins

3) Velvet pouch

Velvet pouch is frequently-used jewelry packing bag, Soft and classic velvet pouches scratch       resistant appearance of challenge coins.           Because they are lightweight and compact, they are easy to store and pull out to giveaway at     any time

4) Transparent coin box

This coin box is excellent to preserve detail and quality of your custom coins, and an ideal way   to protect your collection from being scratched or damaged.

We have these coin box to hold various              dimension challenge coins.

transparent coin box_副本
velvet coin box

5) Velvet coin box

The velvet box is an luxury and expensive          packing box for coins,similar to the velvet boxes you see at jewelry store.when packing your        custom coin into velvet coin,reflect high value of this token,it is special and noble.


6) Display coin box with back stand

Display coin box with back stand is the best      option for coin collection and sample show      window.

Display coin box with stand

Printing request on packing is welcomed.

For other coin packing options please contact us directly !


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