Hard enamel lapel pin production flows

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Below are hard enamel lapel pins finished by Awards Gift CO.,LTD

There are excellent design in luxury quality.




How to make it?

Here is production flows from raw material to finished lapel pins,there is a long way to go.

Hard enamel lapel pin production flows

To have better understanding for each production steps,here is our work images.

-- After receive order from customers,we will make design artwork as the first image as below.

-- Once artwork confirmed,our mould department will be start to make mould engraving.

-- There are three materials can make hard enamel lapel pins that is Iron,Brass and Zinc alloy.

Iron and brass are die struck material,it will be stamped by die struck machine,zinc alloy is die casting material,it will be die casted by die casting machine.

--Below dragon pin is made by zinc alloy.

Hard enamel lapel pin production flow

--After die casting,our quality control staff will check die casting metal pieces quality,only qualified metal will be riveting backside pins.

--As we know that hard enamel color filling work before plating work,so the next step is do hard enameling by hand.this is very professional process and time consuming work.sometimes there are 14 different colors on 1 lapel pin,it will take 3-5days to finish these color work.

--The next step is milling and polishing,lapel pin surface is smooth and flat after polished.

--After plating finished,this enamel pin is almost finished.all enamel pins will be checked by our quality control staff piece by piece.

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