Hot Metal Bottle Opener In Thailand

If you visit Thailand,local people will recommend these three beers to you that is LEO / SINGHA / CHANG

You may see waite use bottle opener with above brand logo to open beers for you.

Today,we will show your about these three brand beer and logo bartender bottle openers.

LEO is the number one beer brand in Thailand. It is full of energy and is often sponsored by some electronic music loved by young generations.

LEO bottle opener.png

This bottle opener in LEO beer bottle shape

LEO beer logo be printing on full of metal surface and with epoxy coating cover on top.

It looks like a LEO beer bottle.but actually it is metal bottle opener.

SINGHA Beer is produced in Thailand's first brewery. The history of winemaking can be traced back to 1933. It is an old-fashioned brand. SINGHA Beer has high quality, is more delicious than other brands, and has a strong taste. It is a relatively high-end route. .

Singha bottle opener.jpg

As we know that SINGHA is high-end beer brand,this customer prefer royal quality bottle opener like the right design.

Whole metal bottle opener in black color,with gold SINGHA logo bothsides.

Compare to LEO and SINGHA,CHANG beer is not so prominent, but it is also a well-known beer brand in Thailand.

Chang bottle opener2.jpg

This  Chang stainless steel bottle opener in simple design and logo is clear and is hot sale promotional gifts for beer brand.

There is round circle be cut out,which can hanger on wall easiler.

Except famous brand beer bottle opener,we also make bottle opener in custom design and logo.

Looking forwards your demands :