How could you collect finisher medals?

How would you collect finisher medals?

Kim Stemple teaches you the coolest way for medal collection.


For many runners, a well-designed and well-made medal is enough to be a reason to participate in a competition.

So, when you cross the finish line and hang up the medal you have been waiting for, how would you collect these finishing medals?


You can stick a magnet and make medals become fridge magnet.

 medal fridge magnet

Or you can made medals into a wind chime.

medals into a wind chime.

If you are good at cloth design,You can create a unique evening gown to ensure a stunning audience.

 evening dress made by medals

However, to be the coolest way,you still have to look at the following runner, Kim Stemple.

She has a awesome bright blond hair. In her 50s, she is more energetic than many young peoples.

Kim Stemple

This cool sister is a marathon and triathlete sports enthusiast. There are so many medals in the house.

Her medal collection method is - send it out!

She gave each medal a handwritten card. Then, give it to those who need it more.

 finisher medal be sent to people who need than more (3)

The young man who was plagued by the disease took her Boston Marathon medal and had surgery over and over again. "It gives me strength and makes me feel that I am not struggling alone."

man who received finisher medal


The little girl in a wheelchair received a cute medal, pink is her favorite color ~

 finisher medal be sent to people who need than more (4)

The baby who did not leave the hospital since birth was given the first medal in life on the first birthday.


finisher medal be sent to people who need than more (5)

The action of Kim Stemple has infected many people. They spontaneously gathered a small organization, led by a handsome sister, raised medals, and then gave the medals to those in need.

finisher medal be sent to people who need than more (6)

The name of the organization, called "we finish together," through them, various medals were sent to the hands of people who need to be encouraged to be supported.

Everyone receives a medal and reveals an unprecedented smile.

 finisher medal be sent to people who need than more (1)

Share medals and pass on power. This should be the coolest collection of finisher medals.