How the Shakespeare family was awarded the family emblem?

In addition to the aristocrats and bureaucrats, although they were born in civilians, they have made special contributions to the country. After applying, and assisted by asylum seekers, the Heraldic Institute also gave an exception to the family emblem badge to make it a glory.

The Shakespeare family is a typical example. In 1596, it was an unusual year for Britain and Shakespeare. In spring, there was a dangerous signal from France: the perfidy Frenchman handed over to Spain to occupy Calais - the northern French harbour, which faces the Dover of England across the sea, and the Spaniards can always cross the English Channel to attack Dover. . To this end, the British Three Islands are full of excitement. The Count of Sao Sandton asked Shakespeare to calm down and create a drama that ridiculed the French for betrayal and showed that the British were not afraid of violence. Shakespeare returned to the apartment immediately, this script is "King of John." After the writing of "King of John", Shakespeare specially gave the script to the asylum-seeker, the Count of Sasang Thornton who loved the drama, and also told the count that he had submitted an application for the award of the family emblem to the Heraldic Institute. Count Count can help. On the 20th of October 1596, the draft of the certificate of approval for the coat of arms of John Shakespeare's coat of arms was drafted on October 20, 1596, due to the appearance of the Count of Sao Sandton. Description: "Gold, right slash black stripes on a main spear, silver head. The upper image is a winged falcon, golden pan-white, one foot standing upright on the corolla, the color is the same as the falcon; one foot to support another gold Spear, silver head as above, the lance is inserted into a helmet, surrounded by traditional eye-catching ankle straps, tassels, and can be displayed in its family's shield, arrow, heraldry, wrong armor, national flag, seal, ring Hall halls, utensils, costumes, mausoleums, stone tablets, etc. The rumor on the family emblem is: "Non-no power also" has been involved in many of Shakespeare's plays. For example, in the second act of the second act of Hamlet, there is the following poem about the sons of Truj and Hecker in the Iliad: "The fierce fear of Reese, wearing a dark armor, Deep hidden in the ominous Trojan, black like his killing, after the night, when the out of the dark enamel painted a more sturdy coat of arms, the fourth act, the fifth game, Ophelia His brother, Reatis, told his father that Bolognes was haunted by Hamlet and was buried in the grass. It also mentioned the emblem of the Minister Bolognes: "Lee: He is so bizarre, Buried in sloppyness, there is no monument on the grave, no swords, no shields, no solemn solemn ceremonies. From here, we can glimpse the emblem of the glory threshold, how much in the aristocratic society of Western Europe at that time. Indispensable