How to attract more runners by challenge medal

Just like SIX STAR MEDAL, which makes the world runners yearn for, as a running community, event organizers or virtual race platform.
In addition to arranging ordinary events and medals, how to attract more runners by a challenge medal?
In fact, many organization are already done great job, such as Disney.
We have introduce it before,here are articles on our website,please check.

Challenge Medal For 2020 Disney Half Marathon

There are total six incredible running medals at 2020 Disney half marathon weekend. 

There are 5 finisher Medals which with highlight different classic Disney princesses, and  the sixth medal: 2020 Disney Fairy Tale Challenge Medal (a special reward to received all 5 princesses medals already)

Challenge Medal For 2020 Disney Half Marathon_副本.jpg

4 Medals For runDisney Virtual Series

There are 3 races on 2019 that is June 5K,July 5K,Augest 5K, each have their own commemorative finisher medals, if you finish them all,you will received Challenge have bragging rights front of your friends !

runDisney Virtual race medal.png


Did you find the interesting things?

  1. Usually,there is a series of events first. for example, SIX STAR MEDAL based on 6 world marathon. Disney Fairy Tale Challenge Medal based on 5  princess royal race events.
  2. Same subject,there is no doubt,6 world marathon is city race, Disney challenge race subject is Disney Princess.
  3. The challenge medal contains details of other medals.

Maybe you will say, I understand all the reasons, and then what? 

How to design these events and medals?

Yeap,this is the point and problem we are going to solute now!
  1. Set a subject for series of events,it can based on distances for example (5K,10K,half marathon,full marathon) 4 events at same time,if runner finished full marathon,he/she will received a challenge medal as reward. or WMM is for 6 cities,you can launch events based on 7 continents,4 oceans...
  2. Design finisher medals for each events
  3. Gathering all finisher medal design and design a challenge medal

Sending your ideas and design to us,we will turn draft design to real medal!
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