How To Check Quality Of Cut Out Gold Medals

How To Check Quality Of Cut Out Gold Medals
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Before packing and shipping,all of medals which produced by Awards Gift CO.,LTD must passed six quality inspections from material to finished medal.

Today we will introduce " How to check quality of cut out gold medals"

cut out medal quality inspection

From above image,you can see there are 4 main parts we point out.

1) Smooth and shiny gold medal surface 

Gold medal request all surface in smooth and shiny finishing.

2) Homogeneous sand blasting background

Sand blasting is background effect for medal recessed area,it must be homogeneous finishing.

3) The inner cut out hollow is smooth

For cut out medals,all cut our hollows must be done smooth.even though these part is not able to be polished by machine,Awards Gift CO.,LTD request our worker to polish it by hand PIECE BY PIECE.

4) Sewing line on medal ribbon

Before sewing ribbon with medal,all medal and  ribbon must pass inspection.we use similar color cotton thread,it is more beautiful,the sewing line must straight and clean. 

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