How to choose right material for your lapel pin?

When make lapel pins,the first thing we need to be sure is MATERIAL.

While sometimes customers do not know which material it is,because finished lapel pins be plated in silver,gold,bronze or other colors.

Today we are going to introduce three material which are widely used to make lapel pins.



Iron is the most common used material,compare with other 2 materials,iron is cheap,it is most economic material to make large quantity lapel pin orders.



Second,Zinc alloy

Zinc alloy is die casting material.easy to shape and hollow out,with these advantages,zinc alloy material is used to make lapel pin with cut out design,irregular shape and big size.





Brass is also stamping material,but it is soft than iron,easy to be is luxury quality material which widely used to produce hard enamel lapel pins.




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