How to collect Disney Pins

There is emotional story begin each collection pin.

Disney pin collector Du Hongjin shared her dramatic collection experience on the first "PIN TRADING FUN DAY" in Shanghai.


The first Mickey head badge with a Chinese flag pattern was received at the Disney World of Orlando while she was studying abroad, recording her longing for her hometown in a foreign country.

The second badge of Tomorrowland was given by classmates before graduation, which implied the full blessings of classmates to her.

The third employee badge is her identity from Orlando photo shoot photographer to officially entering Disney as a member of the traditional team.

The fourth Disney Marathon badge is proof of her completion of the marathon.


Seven years of collecting experience runs through her career as a trainee from a fledgling internship, becoming a formal Disney employee, and gaining countless joy and badge partners for her.

Here is a classic collection of Star Wars badges


If you also like to collect badges, you can first purchase the "Starter Set" to start the collection journey. 

Four badges and a lanyard are included in the set. There are currently three styles to choose from.

starter set collection disney badges

You can then exchange with Disney cast members wearing badge lanyards or accessories, or you can choose to exchange with tourists in the resort. Get more different styles.

But be careful

1. All badges used for trading must be metal and the official Disney badge exchange logo is engraved on the back.

2. Collect hidden Mickey badges. Hidden on the front of the badge is a little Mickey head logo that hides the Mickey badge. Such badges are not available in stores and can only be obtained by exchanging them with performers or tourists.

3. Collect complete sets of badges. You can choose your favorite Disney characters, attractions or movies as the theme of the badge collection.

4. Collect Disney limited badges. The quantity is small, the odd goods are habitable, and certainly worth collecting.

5. Various Disney resorts around the world will sell different types of Disney badges, you may wish to pay attention to collection when traveling overseas.

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